Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/28/2010 The wife at home

I went to work early today, left late, and worked hard. But when I left work, I was able to run an errand on the way home, then go home to astounding peace. Actually, it was a weird day, because I left before the kids were up, and Dave had taken them to Tonya's for an unusual weekday sleepover before I got home. I never even saw them today.

But what a stunning difference my workdays have been this week, not having the painful 30-40 minute pickup time, and the very stressful work when I get home trying to get the boys to work on school projects while I clean up lunches, make dinner, and start tomorrow's lunches.

Instead, I can leave work when I'm at a good breaking point, have a direct drive home, and walk in and find everyone playing quietly (or, as today, absent). Meantime, Dave's taken care of answering phone calls, returning library books, waiting for the appliance repairman (our dryer is making death-throe noises), rescheduling Gabriel's teeth sealant appointment, picking up our new storage shelves, and scheduling our mortgage refi closing document signing, getting kids to pick up their rooms, finding batteries for whatever needs it.

WHAT a difference! Working life is soooo much easier when someone's at home taking care of everything!! I wouldn't even mind if it meant I still had to cook and grocery-shop -- I get left with the things I like to do, and with time to do them!

Well, I'm not going to get a new wife anytime soon, but this really underscores our dire need for some domestic help. Next year, when all 3 kids are in school.

For sleepover night tonight, Dave and I actually went shopping to find him some snow gear. This is an expensive and time-consuming new obsession to get started in, but once we have everything covered, things will go much smoother for the frequent trips to the mountain I'd like to take this winter. I'm trying to keep myself from going crazy and taking everyone on another snow trip over New Year's, since there really is no good reason to do it other than....I just want to go back. We really don't have the time, and school starts next week (wwwWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!), but 3 weeks until our ski trip seems SOOOO long.

So does the time when it will become practical and economical to hire someone to help us. Boy, how I need that.


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