Sunday, December 26, 2010

12/26/2010 7!

Julian's birthday today! Not an extension of Christmas, but his OWN birthday!

I was up early for a coordinated call with East Coast relatives, but Mom Nature had her own ideas (something about an itty-bitty blizzard), so that happened later when we weren't around. The boys played with their RC cars and lightsabers pretty much all day. Julian and Dad worked together to put together his "My First Clock" toy, which they both enjoyed.

I was sluggish and unproductive today, but did manage to bake Julian's birthday cake, and later make the frosting. I had a brainstorm about how to do this: do it with him -- let him decorate his own cake rather than surprise him. I thought we'd do it together, but he got right into it and wanted to do it himself. Well, almost himself, until a pastry-chef-underling appeared and demanded a role, which he obliged.

We finally declared it done, and I was very happy for the pressure to be removed for me to make a neat fabulous cake! And he loved it!

We sang Happy Birthday, he opened his generous birthday presents, we listened to Happy Birthday from East Coast family, and finished the day with one very special-feeling 7-year-old.

The trouble with the middle child is that his age isn't so shocking -- it's one I've done before, and it's one I'll do again, so the extremes surrounding the firstness or lastness of an age never exist for him. Still, 7. My mother says that's the age of reason. You've got a lot to live up to, kid!


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