Thursday, December 30, 2010

12/30/2010 The Holiday Week

And so ends by far my easiest, most productive, least stressful work week yet. This was not because of work itself, but rather, because of no school.

Funny, two full-time moms I've talked to found the holidays more stressful than regular times. And no wonder, holidays with family interactions and so much to do, are stressful. But the particular combination that makes up my life -- our school's excess projects, multiple pickups, having two boys completely out of control when we get home, my standards for lunch (no school lunch and no packaged lunches), and not having any extra family support at home -- makes holidays a true break. Dare I say, even a vacation.

We got a lot done too, not the least of which was signing closing papers on our refinance today. 4.375%, yay! This will lower our monthly payments by over $400. We'll likely put that savings right back into the mortgage, but it's nice to have the extra flexibility.

School starts again next week, but I sure as heck hope to make the most from my remaining 3 days of freedom.


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