Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3/29/2011 Too much night

Brutal night, again. We had no chance to practice Gabriel's poetry report, because he had a TON of homework. His math was no fewer than 27 division problems on one page, all to be "checked," meaning re-multiplied. And that was just one page. The backside of the page had yet more work.

Then there were the 10 definitions he had to write, which another parent pointed out can take about 3 minutes per definition. Gabriel struggled and fussed and complained before dinner, getting some of it done, but had a much better attitude after dinner and tackled it all for real. And then it took him an hour and a half to finish. And we're supposed to work on his poetry report this week too??

This is really, really too much. But I'm too tired to write to his teacher now.


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