Friday, March 04, 2011

3/4/2011 Half-days

Yesterday, I left work around 12:15 to get Katrina out of preschool, since she had a 102 temperature.

Normally I look forward to these unexpected "breaks" -- especially when it means time alone with one -- but my head is very wrapped around work these days, so it was hard to get out of it. Fortunately, Katrina is very low-maintenance alone; she happily plays on her own for a long time when she's feeling well, and when she's sick she's a lot like Gabriel: low-key, rests a lot, doesn't whine, isn't demanding, just needs a little fussing-over.

Today, Dave and I did a half-and-half day: I worked from home in the morning minding Katrina, then he came home at lunch so I could go into work. Usually I'd much rather be home, but today, agitation over work and Katrina's returned energy for fusses made me anxious to get going to be around grownups.

Curse Bank of America -- I had to deposit a check for my Dad, so took Katrina to the bank this morning. As soon as she saw the parking lot, she said, "Oh BOY! Lollipops!" BofA gives out free lollipops to kids, and it's really a pain for those of us who don't allow candy before lunch, who don't allow eating in the car, and who really, really, REALLY hate lollipops.

Unlike another mom at the bank, I also restricted Katrina's take to 1 lollipop; her kid kept going back for more and left with a fistful, apparently on his way to school. Sometimes I feel like the strictest parent out there.

Katrina demanded lunch at 10:30 just so she could eat the lollipop, meantime carrying it around with her and dropping it on the floor, spreading sticky candy-splinters everywhere and causing a major crying fit. Great. She really wasn't hungry enough yet for a sandwich, so she fussed and complained for 25 minutes as she forced her sandwich down -- which she did, and finally put the green sugar circle to rest.

I really, really, really hate lollipops -- all it did was cause problems and create cleanup work for me today. Much of my rare morning alone with my daughter was spent fussing about this stupid piece of candy and counting the minutes until Dave got home so I could go be in the grownup world.

The second half of the day I was at work as usual...but then my half-day at home with Katrina didn't seem so bad at all.


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