Saturday, March 05, 2011

3/5/11 The Very Social Day

I had such a full day that if I didn't know better, I'd say I didn't have kids!

First, a nice hilly run at Rancho San Antonio. Got lucky on parking (all lots completely full at 7:40am), and a good 6-mile reunion with my favorite running grounds.

Then a coworker's wedding at a winery in the hills of Saratoga. Beautiful setting, lovely wedding, really fun reception. (Dave stayed home with kids, I went stag.)

I got home just in time to give some former neighbors a tour of our remodeled house. These neighbors moved away soon after we moved in in 1999, but remembered years of previous owners and various states of disrepair of our house, so we offered to show them the updated version.

And we learned that our (apologies but there's no other way to put it) white-trash neighbors across the street are moving!! That is the best real estate news to hit Santa Clara County in years.

Then I had a birthday dinner to attend, a girls' night out for a friend's 40th birthday. This also was terrific fun, chatting with mostly new friends, and a few I already knew, at one of my favorite restaurants. I did some emergency grocery-shopping on my way home, and arrived at a house that's been dark and quiet for hours.

This was one of the fullest days I've had in years, but it still wasn't complete. There's one thing I didn't make happen. It was on my mind on and off all day, but the "on" moments didn't coincide with the few opportunities to execute, and that was: call my mother. March 5 was a coworker's wedding and a friend's important milestone birthday and the day we learned that the dead cars and domestic disputes and people living in the driveway across the street will soon end.

But March 5 was my mother's birthday first, and she should have gotten a call from grandchildren. It was on my mind between events, for whatever that's worth. Hope you had a great day anyway, Mom!


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