Sunday, April 10, 2011

4/10/2011 Trip prep

What an amazing place California is.

I spent the day getting ready for a camping trip next weekend, leaving next Saturday afternoon after Gabriel's soccer game. I'm taking the boys to Death Valley, on the first day of "off-peak" summer season. Peak season in Death Valley is in winter months, when it isn't deathly hot, and when desert wildflowers are blooming. We'll miss the wildflowers, but I'm hoping we'll sneak in before the triple-digit temperatures start.

So while I'm thinking about a hot camping trip, I'm also getting ready to go skiing!

I'm boarding a ski bus tomorrow at 4:15am and we should arrive at Sierra-at-Tahoe right as the lifts open. It's spring skiing season -- not the best snow conditions, but despite a great ski year we managed to hit two very strange weekends for conditions anyway. It doesn't matter, it'll be a great day for me anyway.

I SO need to remove myself from a ridiculous work situation and refocus my energy and attention on what's really important. Like skiing and camping in the same week!


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