Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4/12/2011 The Site is Now on Fire

Jack Prelutzky has been quite the influence around here.

I bought two of his children's poem's books. One with a collection of his poems (minus his most-favorite "When Fred Gets Out of Bed," and one book that talks about experiences in his childhood and adult life that led to the poems. The boys have been reading these books a lot, and Julian has also branced to Shel Silverstein books that he finds at the CDC.

This trickles down to Katrina, somehow. Tonight she asked for a pen and pencil, to write "a poem." And that she did, making the classic preschooler's mistake: no spaces between words.

No title
The site is now on fire!
Well that's not a good thing
The site is on fire!
the site is not on fire.
Yes it is.
All right.
The end!
Definitely for mother's eyes, but these mother's eyes are proud. Her willingness to write this (no help!), both mechanically and creatively, shows the same penchant toward creative writing that I did as a kid. Hmm, on the other hand...poor kid!


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