Friday, April 15, 2011

4/15/2011 Camping to-do list

Set up my new tent and confirm it all works
Shop for perishable foods and ice
Get self-lighting charcoal
Pack clothes, including swimsuits and hats
Make cookies
Finish packing cooking equipment and food
Get the boys haircuts
Gabriel has to work on his book report
Gabriel has a soccer game at 12:00
Julian has Kung Fu at 1:00
If time, sign up for summer camps
Send note to manager that I'm meeting with HR next week
Finish Dad's tax stuff
Put away ski stuff.

....huh, oh, ummmm -- where are we? Oops, this is my blog, not tomorrow's to-do list. Well, I guess it is now. 'Scuse me.

Can you believe it -- I was skiing just a few days ago. And now I have to dig up shorts and hats and swimstuff to go do summer camping. Arguably Dad's taxes are more urgent than lovingly cradling my ski boots and lying them down tenderly for a long summer's nap, but even if neither of those get done, we're going.

Tomorrow late afternoon, the boys and I will drive away with a car loaded with camping equipment and spirits loaded with excitement about our next outdoor adventure together!

It's unfortunate that it has to start in Bakersfield, but such is the reality of going to one of the hottest places on the planet: many of the more direct routes are still closed due to snow. I've been to Death Valley once, about 15 years ago, and it's WELL past time to go again. I'm so excited to show my boys what an amazing place we live in.


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