Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4/27/2011 Spring pics

We get hit with three photo-ops a year at school: a kids' official school in the beginning of the schoolyear, a class photo, and then "spring pictures."

This latter is especially silly and gratuituous, but they know we loving doting parents can't resist a professional photo of our kid. And though they're pretty dorky, I actually like them better than the sterile headshots they take in the beginning of the year.

So here they are. Shot on greenscreen, with the lighthouse superimposed after the fact. Yes, dorky!

But look at these two handsome guys. I just love them. Needing haircuts, looking like a 1950s nerd with the shirt tucked in, whatever. I can never get enough of these boys.

Speaking of spring pictures, I'm really liking how our landscaping is blooming. I look forward to rounding the corner and seeing what's flowered lately, what's spread out, what's sprouted. The maintenance aspect makes me cringe, and there are some plants I'd like to replace, or ones that have died or empty spots that need new plants. But overall it's really fun to see what our "gardens" have in store for us day by day.

These pictures don't do it justice, but here's a glimpse.

Now if only I could feel the same pride about the inside of our house!!


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