Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5/24/2011 More leaks

SO frustrating...Katrina's on a new roll: 6 straight days with at least one, usually two, changes of clothes. She's going to CDC with her brothers in 5 weeks, this HAS to stop!! They're not a preschool, there are no cubbies with boxes of extra clothes for those "oops" times for potty-training toddlers -- they're an after-school care place for school-age kids who are mature enough to handle their own toileting. This is getting downright frightening.

Meantime, tonight Katrina took it upon herself to write her own "calendar," including days of the week, to show when "boys don't get dessert." She's very used to the calendar coming out and getting marked for days her brothers have lost dessert for some or other offense (mostly one brother, who's not getting any treats until well into June). She also wrote down numerous years and "equations" that show how to calculate the years -- I think a preschool exercise gone awry -- but she clearly grasps the concept of years being identified by numbers and knows what this year is and when everyone was born (well, except me, since that was in a different millenium).

Her academic efforts say she's ready for first grade, never mind kindergarten, but her stinky leaky wet pee-soaked bottom says she needs to go back to the potty-training baby room at preschool. I don't need this!!


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