Friday, May 27, 2011

5/27/2011 Obsessed

OK, that's a strong title, but it sure seems it. I've been working WAY too much lately. Tonight until almost midnight, because a strange problem just HAD to be pursued.

I'm also working a lot because I feel like I have to cram it all in and learn as much as I can before my sorry rear end is canned, or worse, sidelined, because of my offensive transgressions of daring to question authority. (Hey, they had T-shirts for that, doesn't that mean it's allowed?) Being bored to death is worse than being fired, and since I've made an official complaint, firing is unlikely, but being given stupid useless busywork isn't. Meantime, I do have useful things to do and some of them tickle the perfectionist and detective in me. Odds are the problem I spent hours chasing today will turn out to be nothing, but realities like that don't sway the geek in me that just can't let it go.

Finally what makes me give it up is the sharp shooting pains in my back from sitting in one place too long. So what do I do? Get up and move to a different chair to sit down and blog.

I really really REALLY should have done something useful tonight, like watch Fashion Police. Other than a long talk with Gabriel after dinner, just shooting the breeze, it was probably a total waste. As if I could do any differently?


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