Monday, May 30, 2011

5/30/2011 Real Kids

Productive weekend! All weekends should be 3 days long: 2 for detox, then the 3rd to get something done.

I'm delighted that in addition to some indulgent gardening yesterday, I actually made a dent in our heaping garage project today. To the uninitiated eye, today's product still looks a major junkpile -- and it is -- but that little bit less means oh so much to me.

And I got a huge, out-of-control, rolling-on-the-floor laugh out of Gabriel when I found a box I'd labelled years ago as "Plumbing Crap." Dave also made a tremendous effort not to wince every time I proposed throwing away a torn rubber band. Getting rid of Stuff in a Garage is soooo hard for guys, but he did great.

Not all the day was so productive though. Our "fake" children -- deemed so by their absence of the self-identity-creating video games -- discovered another common childhood pursuit, thereby re-affirming their reality as children. I'm relieved it finally happened.

Yes folks, Gabriel has finally discovered Harry Potter!!

I didn't get a photo, but Julian (arguably the "family reader") was also absorbed for hours today in Harry's adventures in Book 1 (which mercifully we have two copies of -- I'm a fan myself!).

Katrina is never one to be left out of the action, and also spent a lot of time looking at the words, though there was no indication she was following the story. Katrina can read really well for her age, but her comprehension is about where you'd expect for a 4-1/2-year-old, and that's well below Harry Potter.

Lest you all think our children are too electronically deprived, each was allowed an hour on the computer today (after laundry of course), but children being children there was no delay of gratitude -- the boys chewed up their time early in the day. So it was up to good old Harry and Hogwarts to entertain them for the rest of the day.

That and Mom's sarcastic comments on box labels in the garage.


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