Wednesday, June 01, 2011

6/1/2011 Coffee Night

Intensely stressful day, but mitigated with some sushi for dinner, relatively few kid problems (kicking Julian out to sit on the porch 4 times counts as relatively few around here) (oh yeah and Katrina had a rare meltdown but really that's in the noise), and some nice chatter with old friends. I'm REALLY psyched that one of those friends just got a new car -- she so needed and deserved it! All the kids she's always driving around will probably be grateful too. With my sister's family visiting soon, I've got to look into a minivan rental myself.

Some unwelcome excitement across the street tonight too: a loud domestic dispute (fight), lots of yelling, cars screeching around; then a firetruck, two ambulances and four police cars showed up. Usually our quiet block isn't a siren-magnet, but this one set of neighbors keeps 'em visiting every year or two. Their dump of a house is for sale; would someone PLEASE scrape up the $50K it'd take to demolish the place?

I'm very happy to put the last 24 hours behind me.


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