Sunday, July 24, 2011

7/24/2011 Swim Day

Not them -- me! I went swimming this morning, for sadly only the second time this summer. What a great way to think things through -- I did 1800 yards without stopping, and had time to squeeze in another 50 of butterfly and backstroke before lap swim time was over.

During that time, I gave a lot of thought to my work and life situation while in a semi-out-of-body trancelike state. Even running, which in many ways I like better, doesn't give me the same mental peace and sense of well-being that a good swim does afterward. I was in a decent mood all day, and had the energy and optimism to tackle a most dreadful and inertia-inducing task: resume updates.

Friday's Dilbert. This is so close to home that I wouldn't dare post it in my cubicle.

Last Friday was the kids' last "regular" swim lesson, but I think I will schedule a few one-off private lessons for them (and me!) in August, same place. I'm really happy we've found our swim-lesson place.

But I'm also happy there are no lessons next week. That will give me a little logistical relief, but not entirely, because Gabriel will be at a Y Archery camp while Julian and Katrina are at Collins. And I have a conference to attend in San Francisco for three days, that will make things extra-interesting, but I'm happy to be pulled out of my regular context.

Still, I could use one more weekend day and a few more good swims this week!


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