Thursday, July 28, 2011

7/28/11 Dry girl

Katrina had a dry night!!!! This was the first time ever. OK, 3 wet nights since (in Pull-Ups of course), but that was still a huge milestone.

She also seems to be past the "leaking" problem for now, though I don't stick my nose in her underpants to check. But she's seemed to join the realm of the normal girls in that department.

Thanks to her brothers, I'm not concerned about night-training, though if I recall (and can you believe, it's been long enough that I can't?), Julian was "done" well before kindergarten. Gabriel, I recall VERY well, was so NOT; he was well into first-grade and it was a big struggle with a night-time alarm to try to get the idea across. I'm happy to say that my investment in this alarm has paid off -- at least 3 friends have used it! It's much too early for 4-yo Katrina, but wouldn't it be nice if she didn't need it.....

That would be the last foot in the world of babies/toddlers -- magical as it is, the real magic is in moving out of it and seeing your babies become kids -- without Pull-Ups!


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