Sunday, July 03, 2011

7/3/2011 Hot day

What IS this? Rain, humidity, and now heat? We live with high prices, traffic and crowding here in the SF Bay Area just to avoid all that with the world's best climate. It was almost 100 degrees today -- no FAIR!

The kids spent most of the day (mostly) quietly indoors.

My sense is that they truly miss their cousins. It was so fun having them here, that a day at home doing nothing just isn't the same. Plus it was really un-fun hot outside. So, lots of reading and music-listening (and some playing) happened inside.

But all was not lost -- thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of a good friend, we went to a neighborhood pool for nearly 3 hours this hot afternoon. For once, good timing occurred between the weather and our plans, because this was the day to spend hours in the water.

Photo first. Not as good as last year's!

My #1 Prime Objective this weekend has been installing window shades in most of the downstairs (minus the tilt-n-turn windows, the patio doors and the historic dining room window). I'd placed a huge order at Smith and Noble some weeks ago during a 40% off sale, and the boxes have been awaiting me on our porch to install. It took hours just to unpack everything and get rid of all the boxes, straps, bubble-wrap and other assorted packaging.

Then -- install. As usual, numerous problems abound: broken drill bit, shades that don't fit as I'd measured, the intended spot to drill a hole turns out to be on a seam, goofy instructions. My wrist is tired from all the screwing and drilling today, but I'm happy that this is finally getting done. Next time we remodel and design rooms, I'll start with the window treatments and work backward from there!

The biggest success is in the office, where we spend a lot of time, and that has a prominent street-facing window. I'm sure our neighbors are just as glad as we are not to have a view into our office at night anymore!

I'm barely halfway done with the installation. Tomorrow, more drilling, measuring, fitting, screwing...I mean, measuring, fitting, drilling and screwing tomorrow -- hmm, maybe that's my problem. Ready, fire, AIM!


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