Monday, July 04, 2011

7/4/2011 The Americans

We went to see fireworks tonight, but that wasn't the most "American" thing that happened here today. Actually, it was something that is very common to most of the world except here, but still struck me as being so basically American anyway.

And that was Julian's friend from across the street coming over and asking, "Can Julian come out to play?" and Julian playing with his neighbor friend for the better part of the afternoon. Without the grandmother or father following them around!

Also American is the minor irritation that Julian went into the neighbor's house without telling me, then got cookies right before dinner and spent time inside watching a movie on a beautiful day. Alas, I hear that's all part of this thing about having kids on the block to play with -- overall a win.

More on my window shade project. This one room, I took a big leap with the color, since I'm usually very wimpy and chicken about color. But I love the sun coming through this "coral" color, and it matches the bedspread and pillows (all of which I sewed myself so I guess they're staying).

Best of all, when the sun is usually blaring through this window, the shades give the room a lovely warm pinky glow.

Now I really hate the wimpy white shades I put in the family room!

Back to work tomorrow, and two kids are starting at two new CDCs (to them) tomorrow as well. Julian will be going to Eaton CDC, attached to the next school over; and of course Katrina will start at Collins CDC, where Gabriel will go too. And I have to brace myself for the usual weirdness at work. A big adjustment for three of us!


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