Sunday, November 27, 2011

11/27/11 VIRUS!!

AGH! Not again! My new Windows 7 computer caught some horrible virus that means the computer is cranking away with some background process that seems to be sending spam or all our personal information to the mothership. Also, my IE browser doesn't work anymore. I'm typing from my work computer, because my own is off the Internet now so whatever infection it has won't get any farther than it is.

Yesterday I took Gabriel to get him his own ski equipment! Skis (used), boots (new but inexpensive), poles (cheap), helmet (not cheap but it will be handed down to other kids), jacket (see note about the helmet). He's SO psyched.

Katrina spent the afternoon in her room playing with all her snow gear, having a "snow party" in "Colorado" and "Alaska," with snow simulated by a blanket spread on the floor.

Last night we all went out to see the movie "Hugo" -- 3D in the movie theatre. It was pretty good! It's so rare we all do something like that together, it was fun.

Tonight we had such a nice evening with Laura and Ryan, who are passing through on their way back to L.A. after an extended visit to Oregon for Thanksgiving. The boys hit up aunt & uncle for a game of flashlight tag, and aunt & uncle agreed even though they'd been driving all day! They're so awesome, the kids just adore them, and of course so do we.

Tomorrow: back to reality -- school and work -- and for me, a big detour to get my now-familiar de-viruser guy to fix my infected computer again. So I'll be off the air for a while.


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