Thursday, December 01, 2011

12/1/2011 The Green Belt

Julian has a new implement -- a sword! I can't believe I spent $48 on this thing, though it is his new prized possession.

He'd said that he'd stop Kung Fu when he reached green belt, but it turns out, green belt is when the fun really starts: weapons! He loves practicing with his new sword.

He likes his sword so much that of course, we've have to put strict rules around it. NO playing with it indoors, NO taking it out when anyone else is within 20 fact, he violated those rules so quickly that I had to put it away.

Still, overall I see he's much more involved with Kung Fu now: he looks forward to the classes, talks about it, and practices the routines. I hope this continues!

(Sorry I've been so inconsistent about posting: I am seriously wiped out by the end of some days and just have to blow it off! I think this is largely because my need to EXPRESS isn't nearly as strong because I'm overall so much happier during the day because of my new job.)


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