Sunday, November 06, 2011

11/6/11 Little sick, no teeth

Friday morning, Katrina woke up throwng up, so no school for her. Dave and I divided sick-girl duty, so I was on with her for the afternoon. She was fine most of the time, a little lethargic, a little bored. Then I found her like this:

And she was out for a few hours. When she woke up, she said one of my new favorite interesting Katrina-sayings: I asked her, "How did you wake up this morning?" (meaning, did the throwing up wake you up, or were you already awake). She looked at me with that super-sincere direct look and deadpanned, "You know that thing, the THING that keeps you sleeping? ..... It stopped working!!"

But she did have a real temperature now, so she took it easy this weekend. Julian took her under his wing and read Pete Seeger stories to her for a while.

Gabriel is an official LatchKey Kid now -- we're not paying for CDC care for afternoons for him, so he must walk home. It rained a little this week, his first test, but not enough to be a real test.

Today during lunch, Julian was making his usual noisy open-mouth half-spitting-out disgusting chews, and then whaddya know, a tooth emerges from his mouth. "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth!" -- and in his case, birthday too!

For me, this has been one heck of a weekend. I might be taking an all-day all-week training class next week, on unexpected notice, so I feel I must meet the commitments I'd made to work. I tried really hard to complete them over the weekend, but it was just too much.

On top of it, today was one of the worst physical-health days I've had in a long time -- mostly an unusually severe headache that is easily triggered by physical pressure. Bending down, raising my voice, running up stairs, coughing and even a hiccup sends jabs of pain through my head. Add to that some new physical ills from running: I took a nasty fall on Saturday and have bruises and bumps and scrapes on both knees, elbows and random pieces of fingers. But what I thought were flea bites on my legs I now think was another Rancho-related casualty: POISON OAK. I must have stepped off the trail to get something and brushed up just enough to poison small spots on my knees. Small, but awful.

So I'm a mess today, and feeling apologetic that I haven't been answering or initiating email as I should, but I've been feeling intense pressure to get work done that isn't fully doable (the famous "moving target") and just not sure how cool or uncool it is to take off for a week with almost no notice.

I guess if I had to pick one thing though, it would be the headache. This one is really severe, and I haven't had really severe headaches for a while, and even when I did, this counts among the most severe because it's so vulnerable.

At least I got the boys haircuts today, mostly against their will. But they look so handsome and dapper now!


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