Monday, November 07, 2011

11/7/11 Grumble!

Not again!

Katrina woke up throwing up at about 1:30am. Dave and I got up and cleaned her up (this was a "needs bath" event), changed her bedding, and took her temperature (none).

While the thermometer was out, I used it on myself too. I'd had a tough day myself, with a terrible terrible headache and feeling out of sorts, but also feeling compelled to get some work done so I could go to a training class today. Turns out, I had a 101.4 fever myself.

Perfect, I could stay home with Katrina anyway, right? No....I really wanted to go to this training! So I pretended it would go away, and I went to the training class. I knew I had a fever in the morning, but by afternoon it was mostly gone. Now I'm mostly tired and still find myself bending at the knees instead of bending down (to avoid any head rush because of the headache), but the worst is over.

If only poison oak healed so fast. It's incredible, my exposure to poison oak was so slight -- I'm not even exactly sure how or when it could have happened, but the consequences are brutal. The affected areas on my knees appear small, but the itch/pain are really deep and have lasted over a week now. This is the 3rd or 4th time I've gotten poison oak, and I didn't even get it that badly, but all events are memorable. It's awful.

The proper treatment for vomiting is fasting, but Katrina didn't agree with this. Dave says she complained all day about being hungry, but you're not supposed to give a vomiting kid anything to eat at all for 24 hours. By dinnertime, we agreed to give her a little toast, which she gobbled gratefully, then she ate some dinner too. There's only so much you can hold a kid back. I just hope her tummy can hold back!


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