Wednesday, November 09, 2011

11/9/11 The training

I have so much more to say than what I'm about to write, but it's all I have the energy for right now.

This has been a weird week for me, since I've been attending a special training class at a company's headquarters conveniently located in Sunnyvale. Well, not SO convenient, since it's on the other side of Sunnyvale and is actually a with-traffic longer commute for me, but more convenient than some of my classmates. One flew from Tucson, and two others from Korea (!) to attend this class.

Sure would be nice if I weren't sick though. Sunday I was really not feeling well, then Sunday night, a temperature -- which I've pretty much had every morning and evening since. This evening is the first one since then that my temp reads normal and I don't feel chills and achy. If this holds, it means tomorrow will be my first morning at training class without fighting those chills and achiness too.

(Believe it or not, exercising has helped -- this class happens to be about 5 minutes away from the old gym I've belonged to since 1992, and I've been sneaking out at lunchtimes for a quick workout, which definitely helps!!)

Oh, OK, I'll quickly get this out: yesterday morning we met with Katrina's teacher for the first kindergarten conference. There's not much to say; Katrina's doing great. Her teacher says she's really quiet, and while slow with her work, she does finish. The only thing the teacher hoped to improve on is her social interaction, but she's not worried about it, and we're not either. Katrina just isn't a social butterfly type; she tends to be very independent and prefers smaller groups -- no surprise.

Her teacher did say also that the first time she tried to evaluate Katrina's reading, Katrina wouldn't answer basic questions, like the alphabet and sounds, so the teacher put aside the eval for a while and tried again later. The teacher saw that Katrina was reading fine, so tested her again, and this time Katrina was more cooperative and the teacher was able to evaluate that she's reading just fine.

The only other thing of note: I asked the teacher about Katrina's being on the young side, and the teacher said she can usually immediately identify the 4-year-olds who start kindergarten just by their behavior. Of course the teacher knows their birthdays, but she said that Katrina didn't exhibit that classic "oh yeah, that's a 4-year-old" behavior at all. That's a relief, because at home, she's still quite capable of throwing such an obnoxious tantrum that it brings the whole family down!

I really should be in bed by now, watching TV. Off I go!


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