Monday, January 23, 2012

1/23/2012 Odd inheritance

All 3 kids went to the dentist today, and we got the usual reports: they all need to floss better, and all three need braces.

But Katrina's X-ray showed something unusual: probably no wisdom teeth buds. It's not definitive at her age, but it looks like she just won't ever have any wisdom teeth.

Ever heard of that? Dave hadn't, and didn't believe me when I told him that I too never had 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth. 3 out of 4 just didn't exist -- like Katrina, no buds. (The 4th was horribly impacted and removed in a gruesome smash-em-bash'em-break'em surgery when I was 23.)

I already had odd tooth development as a child with them being so late and all (last baby tooth lost at age 17), but come to think of it, while I know it happens, I've never rapped with anyone else who just never had wisdom teeth (well, most of them in my case).

And now I know someone else with this trait. Of all things for my dear daughter to inherit, this is a good one!


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