Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25/12 Fashion Disaster

Good thing I don't fret about clothes matching -- color, texture, type or season! Today Katrina wore a light summer sundress with a sweater over it, and a pair of striped leggings under the polka-dot dress.

(Ummm, a friend might recognize all these clothes as hand-me-downs from her!)

Curse this time zone difference -- by the time there was any chance of assembling everyone to make a call to the East Coast, it was too late. Happy !!TENTH!! Birthday to my beloved nephew Aidan!! I can't believe you've been in our lives a whole glorious decade!



Louise said...

Clearly, your daughter is much more fashion-forward than you are. Leggings and sweater with a summer dress is totally in this winter, as is pattern mixing. In fact, polka dots with stripes is hot hot hot.

You think I'm kidding?

And now you know my dirty little secret: I read fashion blogs!

Sean said...

Hey, even *I* know that pattern mixing is in now. That's what happens when your wife starts reading fashion blogs...