Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10/31/12 Halloween Recap

As always, it took some doing -- but the night before Halloween, the kids had their costumes! Gabriel was a pilot, with a costume hijacked from a policeman, with some emblems and a hat added, but the other two had straight store-bought costumes. I have to admit some guilt about that, as well a sadness for missed opportunities -- I used to love making their costumes!

But frankly, of all the things I have to deal with in their lives, I'm afraid that sewing and gluing homemade Halloween costumes have been pushed out of the Top Ten.

This year, Julian was a gladiator (which was great), Gabriel was a pilot, and Katrina wanted to be a cat, but had to settle for a tiger.

Among countless others, the major-est event was the school costume parade.

Somehow, Julian and Katrina's teachers conspired to be the same thing: my new favorite costume idea: a bath squoosh-sponge thing!

This year, the school had a "surprise" for the parents: a flash mob!!

Julian and Katrina let on that there was a "special surprise" for parents, so with their poorly concealed "hints" I was able to to piece together that some brave soul at the school had somehow taken on the monumental task of coordinating five grades of four classes each, into a dance routine!!!!!!

It's impossible to see in the photos - and especially hard to take photos with all the parents blocking the view with massive video cameras (what will they do with all that video??) -- but this was pretty cute to watch.

I was barely able to see Katrina's half-hearted motions, and Julians "all-OVER-it!" sincere full-body performance, as though he was the STAR of the whole show -- but still, it was a huge experience and total fun for them. And me!

It's fun that the whole school shuts down because of Halloween, but, GEEZ, wasn't Halloween just a DAY once in long lost years afore?

Well, I'm not complaining -- employment challenges notwithstanding, and though the Halloween parade is so massive and chaotic, it'd break my heart to miss the moment. And who can pass up a flash mob?!


p.s. lighthearted post notwithstanding, what's really on my mind is that I haven't been able to call my Mom, who lives in now-Hurricane-ravaged lower Manhattan for days. I've been trying many times a day, but Mom's phone isn't working yet. Thank goodness for my dear brother, who's keeping me posted and has assured me that Mom and Paul are well! He's also assured me that my sister and her family are well, or I'd be fretting about them too. Thank you Ronan!

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