Monday, January 21, 2013

1/21/13 Paradise cabin

Some photos of our MLK Day snow trip. This was the lovely "cabin" but it's really more of a small house.

The garage had an interesting roofline!

I couldn't believe I saw this sign in the kitchen -- I thought I made up that saying!

The kitchen was small, but very well-appointed.

The "yard" wasn't even just a yard, it was more like a small forest. This development has a lot of undeveloped area between the houses, so I think these are unbuilt lots or something. In any case, it was a massive area for the kids to play in.

And best, a big boulder!

Katrina was proud of herself that she found a way up there.

No bigger fan of snow than the smallest one! It hadn't snowed since our trip two weeks ago, so it wasn't so deep -- which means about 3 feet deep, still hard to walk in.

Katrina and her "private rock," before she was able to climb up onto the big rock.

Sometimes the oldest-fashioned play is the best.

I spent a fair amount of time outside playing with them, taking pictures, climbing the rock, and slogging around in the snow. It made me wish for snowshoes and a long forest hike!

I tried to set up for a snow photo of all three of us, but it was really hard to get everyone together....and then Julian ruined the photo with a tongue stick-out. I hate when he does that. Most of the time that's funny, but sometimes I really just want a good photo of us all together.

Gabriel and I had watched some YouTube videos of building snow caves, and he was inspired. He spent hours out here, well past dark one night, and then first thing in the morning the next day.

Meantime, Julian and Katrina played chess together!

Later when Gabriel came in, he was exhausted!

This was really a lovely, wonderful cabin, and we will be back. And I got my picture!


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