Saturday, January 26, 2013

1/26/13 Sooo behind....

Wow, I'm horribly behind in my annual calendars.

SOME friends take care of this in early December, anticipating the end of the year and all (because, what, the end of the year is a SURPRISE?!) -- but No, I have to wait until the end of January to finally get my rear end in gear to do my annual "Doudna Kids" calendars.

Fortunately, family and Shutterfly are very forgiving, and allow my calendar's "year" to start any month. But the only photos I have for winter months last year are snow photos.

I'm bemused by the fact that "snow photos" were a normal, and irritating, part of Februaries of my formative years. But now, raising my children at essentially sea level in a temperate climate, having to jump through huge hoops to get to the snow, turns snow into fun.

Maybe it's having to make an effort to get to the snow, or maybe it's the glorious mountains themselves, but snow play here is really different than where I grew up -- here, we have to drive to it. Snow here in CA is much much deeper, temperatures warmer, and drastrically less accessible, than I ever experienced growing up back East. And warmer -- heck, most school days, the boys insist on wearing shorts!

Having been raised in New York, and living 6 years in upstate NY as an adult, 2 of those with a car, I'm quite accustomed to snow -- but very un-accustomed to seeing it as a "good" thing. Upstate-NY snow is "just" snow, it lingers for months, and it's truly cold -- so scarves and gloves and snow-boots were a daily part of life. It's so different in Truckee, where the snow is far far deeper and more severe, but only for a short part of the year. Just enough to make the whole snow-boot / mitten / glove hassle a rarity.

I hate being late with calendars. I have a very sweet uncle who gets concerned if he hasn't been sent him a calendar on time :). So I'd better get on it!


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