Friday, January 25, 2013

1/25/13 Sick Children

Sigh...Gabriel's missed two days of school for being sick....nothing serious, just a temperature and a cough.

Now Katrina caught it, and I spent the day home from work with her. She was OK overall until evening, when the fever hit her hard. She'd been upstairs in her room relaxing, until about 6:30pm....then she came downstairs just looking so sad. She didn't say anything, she just looked at me, miserable, I felt so bad. Poor thing. I held her for a long time, then set her up on a couch nearby as I prepared dinner.

Gabriel doesn't sound so great either; he went to school today but he too is recovering from a cough and sounds hoarse. Julian seems OK so far....

We're supposed to go skiing next weekend -- I'm praying this round of fever/cold runs its course by then -- and bypasses me altogether. It always hits me and my weak respiratory system the hardest if it at all...let's hope not!


p.s. what I should be writing about, but was once again horribly unprepared, but it's constantly on my mind: 11 years ago today, I became an aunt! Happy 11th Birthday, Cousin Aidan! We've been thinking and talking about you nonstop today -- even if illness and timezone differences made it impossible to call!! We love you!! And no one moreso than your super-lame-o Aunt Noemi!

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