Monday, October 30, 2006

10/30/06 A surprise day

So many things went well today I don't even know where to start.

Katrina slept like a textbook baby last night, waking up every three hours, nursing, and going right back to sleep (except once when I had to hold her for about half an hour sitting up).

Gabriel woke up at 5:30am (urgh!) but played quietly, and then Julian joined him around 6:30am. And they played together without a single fight or Julian crying until about 7:30! They still got in trouble for throwing a ball indoors, but at least they were cooperating.

Once the boys were off to "school," I was able to get some pressing things done, not the least of which was get another Diflucan prescription for what I'm pretty sure is thrush returning. My nursing pain had been diminishing, but has picked back up the past few days, so I'm glad to get some medicine for it again.

Katrina had lots of awake happy moments today, though they often involved some work. Still, she let me have breakfast while she sat in the bouncer and looked out the window.

I experimented with getting some closeups, but it's very hard with a baby so young there's no way to get their attention and their movements are very jerky.

She was also content to lie on our bed (in our upstairs bedroom, finally!) and look around while I took care of a few things upstairs. These little moments of her being calm while I zoom around throwing in one load of laundry, folding one blanket, putting away one stack of little boys jeans, are a huge help.

But how would I do in the afternoon, with both boys home? And construction going on in all rooms upstairs, so no way to get Julian to take a nap in a usual place?

Incredibly, it went really well. I tried to get Julian to "camp out" in the living room for a nap, but he was too distracted and got up after about half an hour. Still, it was enough time for me to get a take-the-edge-off short snooze myself.

Then the boys spent the entire afternoon doing very basic things: Gabriel colored for hours. Julian dumped cards out of a box and put them back in one by one. Gabriel played with a puzzle.

Julian cut his preschool "project" (a sheet of paper with Halloween images he'd colored) into tiny little bits. (I had no idea he was so good with scissors!).

Gabriel too cut out a "dark pink" house he'd colored at pre-K, with his usual meticulous attention to detail.

I made pumpkin-bread muffins with the boys, to bring to Gabriel's school tomorrow for Halloween. It's so nice to be able to bake again! And all afternoon, Katrina slept, and the boys quietly concentrated on their projects and barely fought at all. What a relief!

Before dinner, I got some nice awake-baby time, though once again I had to work at it. I sat with her and put her on my knees and bounced her around while Julian and I sang to some Music Together songs. Then I tried wrapping her up and just setting her down in the bassinet -- she was acting tired. I had to pick her up twice and calm her down, but ultimately I was able to set her down and she went to sleep on her own. That was very encouraging, having been able to do it without a lot of crying.

oh dear, but now we're having a hard time getting her to sleep. well, it was still a good day. such a contrast to the angst of yesterday.

(happy birthday cousin Remi!!)


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