Saturday, November 04, 2006

11/4/06 Life improves, sleepless

Instead of being up until 2am, last night I was up from 2:30am on, until about 5:30am, with more wakeups and tummy troubles. Then she was on and off all morning, but took a good solid snooze in the afternoon. More and more calm time today, and soothing activity actually works sometimes. Yay!

Look at this beautiful hand-knit overall outfit Bonne Maman brought Katrina (she didn't knit it though). Or can you? This photo session got way screwed up -- why are these pictures so grainy?! I must have messed up a setting on my overall setting-free new camera. Wah, 'cause some of these shots are SO cute.

I wish I'd been more alert today though. 2 hours of consecutive sleep, once a night, doesn't do that.

At least I got to take the edge off with short snoozes while Bonne Maman played catch with Julian. And we had a relatively relaxed afternoon while Julian and Katrina both took long naps (no contractors on Saturday, yay). I'm starting to wonder how I ever survived without Mom here! Thanks Mom!


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