Friday, November 03, 2006

11/3/06 The difference an hour makes

Wasted. More emotionally than physically I guess, but creamed nonetheless. What do you do with a baby who has you "on" for so many consecutive hours?

At times, you can hear Katrina's stomach churning from across the room, and her stomach feels taut. Poor thing. I do everything I can think of to release the gas, but all it does is make her cry more. Ironic that she has all these stomach troubles after all the gastric ills I suffered in pregnancy.

Despite starting off the day wasted from an intense evening and night, and a hectic morning from dealing with the electricians, it turned into a nice relaxing day. And all because I was able to go to my follow-up appointment with Dr. Teagle (for my "ooky" surgery incision, in her words) by myself. Mom stayed home with Gabriel and a sleeping Katrina, and I had a whole hour without constantly being on the alert for baby sounds and movements. That completely revived me, and I had a lot more energy today for the usual Katrina contortions, which were fortunately far fewer than yesterday.

Part of what made the day so easy was that Julian was at Tonya's all day, since construction upstairs makes his naps impossible. Also, with the boys together, there's a good chance I'd need to send Gabriel to his room, which I just can't do when there's a compound miter saw going in there.

And sure enough, Gabriel was sweet, delightful, funny and just great to have all afternoon. Bonne Maman read him a book she brought for him, and she noticed that he's very interested in learning to read it himself.

We actually had a lot of Happy Baby Fun Time today, including a nice walk with an awake calm baby in the stroller, and Gabriel bopping along with his beloved Teddy Bear. Later, Mom took Gabriel on an errand as I started preparing dinner. Katrina sat quietly in her infant carrier, looking around and listening to Julian and I singing made-up variations on "Jimmy Crack Corn," and then fell asleep! That was some nice time alone with a darling Julian (who hasn't been all that darling lately).

Mom is definitely seeing first-hand the dynamics of two boys -- brothers close in age -- and understands we multiple-boy-moms' lives a lot better now! Though the boys often play great together, and they clearly mean the world to each other, for us, life is far more enjoyable when they're apart.

While waiting at the doctor's office today, I thumbed through a Parenting magazine, and came across one of the most inane "tips" I've ever heard: for those days you're particularly pressed for time, give your kids dinner in the bath! Oh yeah, brilliant!

11/3/06 (Happy Birthday Aunt Stephanie!)

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