Tuesday, November 21, 2006

11/21/06 Gabriel's pun

Yesterday during dinner, I got Gabriel to eat some "orange french fries" by joking about different colors they could be. "What about...purple fries?" and he'd think that was funny and take another bite of the "orange fries" (shh, they were yam sticks from Trader Joe's that I baked in olive oil).

Then I asked, "What about...brown fries?" and Gabriel laughed and said, "Eww -- good one, Mom!" Then he paused and added, "What if my knees were brown? Then I'd have brownies!" (get it? "brown knees").

I was floored! Kids his age make puns and jokes, but that's the first I've heard from him. I sure hope he doesn't take after his father's or uncle Andreas' penchant for awful puns!

And he ate all his "orange fries." Unlike his pesty younger brother who claimed he hated them without even trying one.

Katrina spent two hours at Tonya's today while I went to my OB for a corrective surgery for my still-not-healing incision (which should heal now that the non-dissolving dissolving stitches have been extricated). She did great! She slept, ate, then hung out on the floor for half an hour, looking around with her characteristic fascinated face. Susan, Julian's preschool teacher, assured me she was very easy, entertainable and enjoyed all the activity from other kids.

Not only does that make me feel not-so-bad for leaving her, it makes me feel a little guilty for not making her life here at home all that interesting! But I can't compete with a roomful of noisy toddlers. And thank goodness for that.

Still bad today, but I think this 5-day headache finally broke tonight. At the very least, I've had some hours off from it. And thank goodness for that too.


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