Thursday, November 23, 2006

11/23/06 Orphan's Thanksgiving

We had a great time at the Orphan's Thanksgiving! Thank goodness. I was nervous, but the boys were very well-behaved. They liked this little cat, Coonette, that Elisabeth (the hostess) showed them.

Katrina mostly slept, and was pretty good and irresistably adorable while awake. And of course, I had a grand time socializing and ingesting all sorts of nursing-unfriendly things: caffeine, alcohol, sugar. Mmm.

This morning, I slept off a vicious headache attack -- day 7 of this migraine now, which mercifully left me alone this afternoon. I was able to get this essential sleep because Dave took the boys to Shoup Park in Los Altos (at Stacey's recommendation) to go bicycling/tricycling. They had a great time, though Dave said the park was really packed. Gabriel told me that he rode really really fast: "HUNDREDS of fast!" he said. Heh.


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