Saturday, November 25, 2006

11/25/06 The boys do yardwork

I had grand plans for going somewhere fun today, which were shot by the need for a lot of sleep this morning. Last night, I got tired of this persistent cough and took some of my super-uper-duper cough medicine. Sure enough, it knocked the cough flat, as well as the remnants of headache AND incision-stitch pain (in fact, my surgery incision didn't feel like needles today for the first time -- it's healing, yay!). But, the price paid for all this relief is sleepiness. Not a bad thing, but not one conducive to getting the whole family going somewhere early.

And where would that somewhere be? I have an itch to see the ocean, or a redwood grove in the mountains. These things aren't all that easy or practical to take a new baby to. When Katrina is strong enough to go in the jogging stroller, our options will open up. Already, I feel liberated by not being so tender while nursing (from the surgery incision), which means it'll be easier to nurse her in places other than home.

We all went to Bobbi's today, then the boys spent the whole afternoon outside with Dave doing yardwork. Gabriel actually helped rake leaves, mostly so he and Julian could jump into the leaf pile. Julian wasn't much help, kicking the leaves around while Gabriel struggled to rake them with an inadequate tool. They played hard outside for hours today, I was really glad about that, since I felt guilty for not taking them anywhere.

Katrina slept a lot today, partly (I think) because she's fighting a cold too, as she sounds congested and sniffly. But when she was awake, she was absolutely adorable -- lots of smiley cooey time. She didn't cry at all during the bath tonight, nor afterward, which is a first I think!

I managed to get another photo session in, without any particular goal or color scheme in mind. I noticed the other day that this sheepskin from Aunt Stephanie would make a nice comfy background, and that was just enough excuse to capture some more Katrina-poses.

Dave played with her for a while after her bath, then she started to get fussy, and he put her down without incident (so far). Good thing, because she still doesn't relax easily in our arms. Betsy's new baby, Dylan, falls asleep easily when he's held...I remember that from Gabriel and thought all babies were like that. Not Katrina! How nice for Betsy though.

She's doing pretty well holding her head up, though this photo shows her mid-flop!

When Julian was about 6 weeks old, I remember thinking I had a handle on things. I know better than to ever believe that now, but we do seem to be in a decent rhythm right now. The hardest part is still dealing with the boys together (fighting, Julian crying) when I need to take care of the baby. I still have no answer for that.


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