Thursday, May 10, 2007

5/10/07 Day 3 of hives

A good day in some ways, not so good in others.

First, the bad news. I woke up tired from a too-late night, and with some nasty stomach trouble. Tonya is still recovering from the flu, so while normally she'd have taken Julian today at last notice, today she wasn't able to. So instead, I asked Kids Inc to keep Gabriel all day. While he's my lowest-maintenance child right now, he's still a major factor in my highest-maintenance situation, which is the boys together.

Julian was pretty good today, once his brother and father weren't around to impress with obnoxiousness. He's definitely going to be the boy in the class who dips a girl's braids into inkwells if he likes her.

Julian played a lot on his own today, making me feel pretty guilty. I made it up to him a little by playing "Make 'Em Laugh" on DVD a few times. It held Katrina's interest too, though I think the humor is lost on her.

But the other thing about today: HIVES. More and more, coming and going constantly. Poor baby! Fortunately, they still don't bother her. But today, even a slight scratch on her face (from her own fingernails) would raise up and be surrounded by a red welt. One moment her face would be fine, the next, someone would ask me if she's OK, and I'd look at her and find a big red splotch around her eyes.

Three days, and counting, of hives. If this is a food allergic reaction, then it's major! I'm really thinking I should have her tested, even if the hives stop tomorrow.

Despite the fact that I felt so bad -- or really, because I felt so bad -- I took the kids to the Y today for a half-hearted workout. Then, on to Target for some overdue stocking up on the piles and piles of diapers and Pull-Ups we still use around here. Can't we get one kid off of incontinence products?! I'm starting to want to work on night-training Julian, though he doesn't even make it through naps dry.

Katrina sat in the cart, though I used my wonderful hip carrier (from my sister) for extra cushioning. She chewed on its strap, oblivious to the constant eruptions on her arms, face and torso.

She took a much-too-short nap this afternoon, though Julian took it upon himself to curl up on the couch with a blanket and take a nap (you can see him in the background). This resulted in some Resolve to clean the couch. Great. (See aforementioned note about incontinence products.)

Yesterday, I had my long-awaited appointment with a migraine specialist doctor. My first objective was met, as he gave me a common prescription drug for migraines, Imitrex. But overall I thought his questions and approach were pretty canned, and he really didn't explain much about migraines themselves. Still, I'm prepared for the next onslaught. Since it seems I'm actually only a moderate sufferer, as migraine suffering goes, I'm optimistic that I'll respond well to the Imitrex.

The funny thing was one of the questionnaires I filled out. It asked questions to get a snapshot of how migraines affected the last 2 months of your life: "How many days of work did you miss?" and "How many days were you unable to perform home duties?" and "How many family or social functions did you miss?" Obviously, this quiz isn't targeted to full-time moms, 'cause the answer for all is: ZERO. We don't miss work! We don't skip home duties! We don't miss family functions! Migraines or not, those just aren't options! That quiz must have been written by and intended for men, who can drop everything, leave work, go home and stay in bed as long as they feel like it. They might believe that they "can't" miss work, but blowing a deadline or missing a meeting is a whole different order of "can't" than children going hungry.

And no stomach trouble is keeping me making the most of my few baby-free hours tomorrow morning. That, I truly can't miss.


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