Monday, May 07, 2007

5/7/07 Balmy day

(No photos today...feel free to go read a worthier blog. I won't be insulted. I know my marginal photography is still more interesting than my writing!)

Tonya closed today, so I was on with Julian & Katrina this morning. That means: gym daycare, this time at Supreme Court, my longtime gym in Sunnyvale. I took my old power weights class, which kicked my sorry rear end once again.

Decent afternoon, mostly because Gabriel took a defiance nap. Meaning, he ran upstairs to make a big ruckus, and I chased him and scolded him to go downstairs lest he wake baby, and he claimed he was up there to take a nap. And he proved it to me. Nyah! So THERE Mom! Boy, did he ever show me -- he was asleep in his bed for hours!

That left Julian on his own to happily follow me around while I worked a little on my closet project. He loves to "help," so I found little "jobs" for him to do. He spent at least half an hour polishing a plastic closet rod with a paper towel, after thoroughly measuring it.

Even though the boys distract me when I'm working on something, and I'm forever searching for where I set down a drill bit or pencil as I get interrupted to get someone a drink or wipe a rear end, I have to say, I like the company. It's fun chatting with them as I go about my work, and especially fun if I can get them involved somehow -- but not too involved!

Katrina got her first yogurt today, some yummy Trader Joe's Greek yogurt mixed in with her pears & cereal. No reaction, yay! Yogurt of all things makes me nervous, since I still remember Steph's frantic email about Aidan's first yogurt, leading to years of working around a strong dairy allergy.

Katrina is also starting the early stages of babbling, saying "yah-yah-yah-yah." It's like she's practicing coordinating mouth movement with sound-making. It's very cute.

I went running at Rancho San Antonio tonight again, on a new trail for me: the infamous PG&E Trail. Well, part of it. It lives up to its rep: it's steep and has a lot of uphill, with a lovely view of the valley at the top (at least, the top I got to). I cut over to the Wildcat trail, then ran the very familiar Coyote trail, or old hike trail, back to the parking lot. All told, it took me 55 minutes and I am wiped out.

Did I mention, I decided (tonight, really!) that I'm running in
The Human Race this coming Saturday? Turns out, Dave will be here this weekend, so he and the boys will walk the 5K while I run the 10K with Katrina. I'm only attempting the 10K because my secret weapon will be there: my unflappable friend Sonia. So, my extended runs at Rancho so far have been to feel out if I could survive a 10K (6.2 miles), and now I guess I'm officially training for it, whether or not I can survive the race itself. Nothing like 5 days' notice to train for a race! This is becoming a bad habit!

I mused how this new running habit has a lot in common with my old inclinations in motorcycling. I loved poring over maps, finding new roads, and particularly enjoyed wooded, narrow, curvy trails (though the trails I've run on so far would be trivial to ride on a motorcycle). I don't like what running does to my hips and knees, and no doubt other joints will soon join in the chorus of complaints, but I love this way of exploring trails, experiencing the outdoors, sensing the breezes, smelling the flora, feeling the earth change beneath me; just like I did on my poor forgotten BMW motorcycles. There's a mountain biker just dying to come out.

We're having a little heat wave here. It stayed toasty even into the evening. I love it!


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