Wednesday, May 09, 2007

5/9/07 Hive day

Gabriel and Julian like drawing "Random House," based on the house icon on books published by Random House. Today, Gabriel embellished his a little. Free-hand drawing something is very, very rare for him, though he was following an example.


Katrina was still breaking out in hives this morning, so I took her to the pediatrician. Probably not contagious, probably a food allergy. To what?! She hasn't tried anything new, except yogurt, and this latest bout of rash started before the yogurt. Still, allergens build up and then -- hives. That's what happened with Julian's reaction to amoxicillin. It started after he was done with a 10-day round of it, and the second round he'd had.

So, the nurse suggested I stop eating nuts and peanut butter, at least for a few weeks, to see if that's what this is about. The length of the hive episode suggest it's not a food allergy, but today at Tonya's, after eating nice safe prunes and cereal, she broke out again. Tonight's carrots had no new effect though.

Fortunately, she doesn't seem bothered by them. But I am. If this continues, I'm taking her to an allergist to see what it's about. I admit to some selfishness on my part. I like my peanut butter!


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