Tuesday, May 08, 2007

5/8/07 Katrina and the wave

Warm today -- a regular heat wave! Katrina was comfy in a cute sleeveless romper. A hand-me down, of course.

Which allowed me to see the rash and hives that were ebbing and flowing on and off her torso all day.

Could it be the yogurt? She had a rash last week, pre-yogurt, but no hives. And the hives weren't immediately after the yogurt, as you'd expect from a food allergy, but who knows? So, I'm stopping the yogurt for a while.

Today we had a power outage, a cable TV outage AND cable Internet outage. I guess if they all had to happen, it's just as well they happened all at the same time. As it turns out, the problems were all around the same pole, so it might not be a coincidence. Still....enough is enough. We have such frequent power problems that I have flashlights at the ready in just about every room. That's what we get for living right down the road from a gigantic multi-acre PG&E maintenance facility.

At least one person had a good time: Gabriel was beside himself with fascination with the electrical issues we were having, taking the electrical diagram Dave drew to explain the problem to PG&E with him everywhere, including to school. He was really psyched when the guys in the big blue truck carrying all the tools showed up, and peppered the hapless PG&E repair guy with questions like "What color is the neutral wire in this country?"

To top off having my day dominated by dealing with guys fixing stuff out back, I scooted out for a last-minute chiropractor appointment, to deal with this ongoing crick in my neck, AND we have to clean up tonight for the cleaners tomorrow. So I'd better quit bloggin' and get floggin'!


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