Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5/22/07 Wacky dinner night

Make-up swim lesson at Water Babies today. Julian was invited into the pool to play too, which he agreed to do only after Katrina and I were in the water and it was maximally inconvenient to get him dressed. Then he rudely informed me that I'd forgotten to get his goggles. OH WELL!

The wrapped-up-in-towels-after-swim-class-photo legacy lives on!

We went to Memorial Park in Cupertino today. It's a very, very nice park, except for two things. One, the parking is scarce and far away. But that's nothing compared to....

...Two, if you're busy feeding your baby, then look around for your 3-year-old, he might be happily sitting at the edge of an unfenced water hazard, poised to stumble into the water and quietly slip beneath its surface, terrified as water floods his lungs and he desperately gasps for air then struggles in terror, blacks out and slowly meeting a painful, invisible, silent end. Then there's the panic his mother is stricken with when she realizes she can't find him, to be replaced with paralyzing horror; agonizing guilt and deep, intense, life-changing grief when his helpless little body bobs to the surface, his face still contorted with his futile underwater screams for her.

Julian sitting peacefully by the water looks like a sweet scene, but the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I see it. Watching him while he looks at the ducks, fine. But shame, shame, shame on me for finding him here. He was chasing another boy, both running and paying attention to the ducks on the land, not to the edge of the water. Swim lessons since 3 months old mean absolutely zilch, he can drown just as easily as a kid who's never had a lesson. This terrifies me.

Shaken and filled with fearful guilt, I herded my errant son back to our blanket and got back to the business of minding my children. He enjoyed sitting with his baby sister, each munching their respective munchables.

Katrina got to show off her adorable new hat today. I love the flower detail on the side -- I know Bonne Maman had fun shopping for this one! The sun was strong today, so I'm glad for its wide brim.

She had fun in a swing at the park too. If I didn't know better, I'd have said she was pumping to get swinging, but it was probably just random wiggling that somehow converged into a rhythm.

Why bother with lunch when there's a perfectly good rubber swing to chew?

Hives still alive and well!

Another mom today at swim class said that her 2-year-old broke out in hives mysteriously also, and they didn't go away for 5 months!! Pediatric allergists threw up their hands and said it was just something in her system that had to work its way out. In Katrina's case, since she's so much younger and hasn't been exposed to as many things, it's probably something more detectable. But now we're going on 15 days of these hives, and while they have improved, they're not improving fast enough to go away for another few weeks, if even. I wish our allergist appointment were sooner, it's not until June 21st, and I'm told we were lucky to get one that soon.

(Just like Gabriel...Katrina's ultra-skinny legs really show up in shorts. She used to have skinny ankles, but now her thighs are about the same as her ankles!)

Tonight Gabriel suggested having scrambled eggs for dinner, so I went along with the game of how silly it was to have breakfast for dinner. I asked "what else?" and he said "Shredded Spoonfuls!" So, that was part of dinner. I stuck in some leftover tater tots (OK, organic "spud puppies" from Whole Foods, but let's face it, they're tater tots), and the ubiquitous broccoli. Then it became funny that we were having dinner food (broccoli) for breakfast. Suckers!!

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