Wednesday, May 23, 2007

5/23/07 Swim registration

Today was registration day at the Y for swim lessons! I got there just after 8am when they opened, took a number, then anxiously waited for my number to come up before Katrina's morning nap did. I was bouncing her around, hoping to keep her happy for a few more seconds. Then, finally! My turn!

"Oh, you're a Facility Member -- you could have done this at any time, starting two weeks ago. You didn't need to wait on line today!" Boy, did I feel dumb. "New Basic Member" registration referred to YMCA members, not swim program members as I'd assumed. Wake up, Mom! At least the boys will get some formal swim instruction this summer; I've really putzed it this year.

I managed to keep things under control all afternoon and evening, despite the fact that Dave left for a business trip in Dallas this morning.

A great way to get the boys to cooperate with the bath-bedtime process is to do something different, such as take a shower in our absurdly oversized Jacuzzi downstairs. They had a great time playing in the shower -- so great that I had a hard time getting them out. A sure-fire way is to turn the water on full cold. Amazing how these boys can hustle sometimes!

Katrina has been truly, thoroughly delightful lately. She loves sitting up and playing with toys, making all sorts of crackly squeaky happy sounds. She's still very smiley and often very silly, and welcomes new situations with a bright, fascinated face. If she cries, it's almost always for an obvious reason -- hungry, tired, needs changing. She's been sleeping through the night more often than not, though "sleeping through the night" means she wakes up at 6am, full of wiggles and kicks and grins. And so the party starts! It's a fun party, but I sure wish I could be fashionably late.


p.s. Day 16 of hives! Now you have to look around for them, but the tiniest scratch still swells up.

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