Sunday, May 20, 2007

5/20/07 Another house day

I wanted to do some more open-housing today, but it took until 3:30pm to make it happen! In the end, we only got to see one house, in Los Altos, that I didn't like much anyway. I should have known. $1.5 million is bottom-of-the-barrel in Los Altos. Of course, I'm not actually shopping to move yet; more, to decide if we want to move. Seeing other houses helps remind you of what you like about your own house, as well as adding items to a wish list.

Katrina has a slight cough, which wakes her up out of naps muuuch too early. Incredibly, she's been in a really good mood despite that: cheerful, laughing, sweet. I've also found a way to keep her busy for a while if I'm making dinner: give her pieces of cereal. She sits in the high chair, picks up cereal, very carefully puts it in her mouth, chews it a little, spits it out, then repeats the process until she has a gooey heap of half-chewed cereal on her bib. But she does this for over half an hour at a time, so I'm all for it!

I took this video of Katrina yakking the other day, just got around to posting it:

Tonight the boys got to watch Wallace and Gromit (after cleaning up the family room of course), and Katrina joined them for a while. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no TV for children under the age of 2, but there's my 7-month-old, happily nestled between her brothers, watching claymation.

Headache coming, overall unproductive day, bedtime.


p.s. oh yes, how could I forget: DAY 13 of hives!!! Every day it improves a tiny bit, but it's never hard to find red splotches or raised welts on poor baby's skin.

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