Saturday, May 19, 2007

5/19/07 Disco Boys!

I took the boys disco dancing this afternoon! Baby Loves Disco is some organization that gets nightclubs to put on an event during the day for kids, with (quieter) disco music, snacks, and lots of places to play. Julian danced one or two songs with me,but otherwise, the boys mostly played in the tents and tunnels, and sat and read books, while I danced and chatted with other moms. It was fun!

Then I took the boys to
an open house in Willow Glen, an area in San Jose. I've started collecting ideas and resources for the major, MAJOR downstairs remodeling project -- so major, that Dave and I talked about it again last night, and it might be worth moving instead.

So if we were to move, I'd want to fix a few things about our current situation that can't be fixed in a remodel, such as that I really don't like our neighborhood. It's a good safe one, but it's a little isolated, I don't like walking around here, and there are no parks or shops to walk to. Willow Glen has all sorts of houses, lots of mature trees, lots of parks and places to walk around....but then, it also doesn't have what we've come accustomed to here. Here at Parnell Place, we have a large lot, a lot of space between houses, a very quiet street, and we're very close to the highway. And we've customized this house a lot already -- I'm not ready to leave our underfloor hydronic radiant heat!

But it's worth seeing what's out there, and how much it costs (a LOT). The house we saw today wouldn't work (tiny yard), despite the gorgeous kitchen (drool). The small bedrooms upstairs in our current house is another reason to move, but the upstairs non-master bedrooms were no bigger than the boys' room is now.

Julian fell asleep in the car on the way to Willow Glen, and I left him in the car while Gabriel and I quickly toured the house. Then Gabriel fell asleep on the way home. Once again -- watching me dance puts them to sleep!


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