Sunday, May 13, 2007

5/13/07 Mother's Day!

This morning, not only did I get to sleep late (well, after Katrina woke Dave and I up at 5:30am, errgh), but then I got to take a shower. In the morning!. And then I got dressed at my leisure, without anyone crying or asking me details about my underwear ("Mommy, why are you putting on two hats instead of a shirt?") What a treat!

Then we all went to a nice restaurant nearby that was having a mother's day buffet. Dave thought of this and made the reservation himself, that was the nicest part of all. There was a tremendous selection of lunch and breakfast food, and a room devoted to desserts (and I guess that was also the best place for the omelette station). The dessert room had an actual chocolate fountain -- melted chocolate coursing down across three tiers, with fruit and wooden skewers to douse the fruit in the chocolate. Decadent!

Katrina woke up much, much too early today: 5:30am. Ugh! And then twice during the night. I really wish I could reclaim my mornings and not be completely dead to the world and hating my existence and counting seconds until I can go back to sleep. I don't get over it until the afternoon, so I'm very unproductive in the morning. Today was a nice break. Thanks, Dad!

Day 6 of hives!!! I think they're slowing down, but not much. Katrina still gets raised bumps all over her, literally head to toe. She wore an overalls outfit today, so I couldn't see her torso easily, but when I did, it wasn't completely covered as it has been. But then, I'd button her back up and discover a fresh set of welts on her feet.

Last week, we went to Midori, our favorite Japanese restaurant, and she munched a little on some tofu before spitting it out with distate. Could this be a soy reaction? The hives started the day after I gave her the yogurt. Is it possible the rash she had the day before the yogurt was unrelated, and that the hives really are a dairy allergy?

The advice nurse assured me that 5-7 days of hives isn't unusual, but really, has anyone ever gone through this?! Six days of breaking out in hives from a spoonful or two of yogurt mixed into fruit and cereal?!! I know it's nothing to worry about, and she doesn't seem uncomfortable from them, but it's still upsetting to see these nasty things all over this tiny helpless baby, new ones all the time.

I remember as a kid asking my mother about Mother's Day, then Father's Day, and then the inevitable, "When is Kids' Day?". She answered, "EVERY day is kids' day." I was very unsatisfied with that answer. Today, I got asked that exact same question, by Gabriel. I knew exactly how he'd feel about my answer. But I still handed down to him the same one I got: "Every day is Kids' Day," but added, "I know it doesn't seem like it to you, huh?" He just looked at me, puzzled.

Here's to moms all over! We had our day -- back to Kids' Day tomorrow!


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