Monday, May 14, 2007

5/14/07 New Yorkers visit

I had a nice visit from my uncle Andre and his friend Stephanie today!

Uncle Andre is visiting Stephanie from New York, where they knew each other from work. She's a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker who's been living in San Francisco for the past 3 years, having moved there from Brooklyn with her husband and two sons. It's one thing to move from New York for your husband's great job opportunity, but entirely another when the job is at Apple! Doh! Needless to say, he has tremendous job demands, on top of a long commute. Not only is Stephanie a misplaced New Yorker, discovering that living in a city doesn't make it New York, but she's also an Apple Widow. We have a lot in common; I wish we had had more time to talk. It was also nice seeing my uncle again, I don't see him often. His sense of humor is reminiscent of my brother's.

Since uncle Andre and Stephanie left around 2pm, I didn't bother getting Julian down for a nap. After extolling the virtues of city life with my guests, I happily indulged in one of the advantages of suburban life, which was the boys playing out back all afternoon. They came in to scarf the remainder of the crackers and fruit I had for our guests, but other than that, they were outside for over 5 hours, digging, playing baseball, sweeping, riding the scooter.

They were both absolutely filthy by the end of it, and Julian had lost a sandal. He looks like a little ragamuffin!

Katrina...she's giving people the impression of being a sweet, mellow baby. And actually, she has so many moments like that these days, it's hard to argue. She was charming for our guests, latching on to my uncle and beaming her big smile at him.

She spent the morning at Tonya's, a good thing because I was in desperate need of more sleep before my guests arrived, after she got me up at freakin' 5:30AM today. AGAIN! She slept through the night, as she's been doing from time to time.....but now can we step it up to sleeping through the morning?

One thing about Katrina though: it is trivial to get her down to sleep. All you do is put her in the crib and give her the satin blanket. She grabs the blankie, rolls over to her side, starts sucking the blanket, and then settles down to sleep. Naps, bedtime, in her crib, in the pack'n'play at Tonya' And it's been that way for months now. What a difference from our first baby, when getting him to sleep at this age was a huge ordeal, and continued to be well into toddlerhood.

Day 7 of hives!! Katrina's hives are slowing down, but still, at any moment, it's easy to find raised white marks and red splotches and welts on her. She's not as covered anymore, and they're not as fast and furious, but if today's hives were the first we'd seen, we'd think it was major. WTF?!

I've made enough progress on my closet project to start moving shelves in. Yay! That'll only take, what, 5 weeks? Ugh! I've got to get this done before family visits in July! Projects? Progress? Momentum? Completion? Not compatible with Mom life!


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