Thursday, May 24, 2007


Late lunch today, and it was so nice we had a "picnic" out back. The boys said, "Yayyyy!" when I said, "Let's have a picnic!" then, "...what's a picnic?"

Gabriel chose the spot and spread out the blanket (perfectly, of course -- square to the lawn border and without a wrinkle). I reprieved a genuine picnic basket from a get-rid-of pile, since I haven't used it in years, and filled it with sandwiches, watermelon, carrots and chips.

Someone couldn't wait for food and started eating the picnic basket instead!

We talked about part of trees, since Gabriel likes our next door neighbors' big redwood tree (which was once part of our property until the last subdivision in 1979), and about ants and bugs. Katrina very happily ate her baby food sitting on the ground, enjoying this change of pace. Our picnic was a nice little twist on the usual lunch. For once, Mom gets more than a D-!

A marathon of afternoon naps: Julian and Katrina slept until 6pm, when I finally woke Katrina up out of a sound sleep after 3 hours! Dinner was completely ready for them, useless as it turns out, since the boys barely touched it and Katrina was too busy wiggling and smiling and making goofy baby sounds to eat.

So I took the kit'n'kaboodle to the Y and gave the kind Childwatch ladies a turn with my little darlings. A 3-hour nap ending at 6pm should have put Katrina in good shape, but she was wasted when I picked her up at 8:30. She cried the whole way home and I put her right to bed when we got home. The boys were tired too -- while I was nursing Katrina before bed, they actually brushed their teeth!


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