Monday, June 11, 2007

6/11/07 Gabriel's map

Gabriel drew a map today, starting it at school, then completing it at home.

It started with the points labeled "HS" (for "house") and "SR" (for store), then expanded to include China. He's been very interested in China lately, which is odd since none of his classmates are Chinese, which is even odder.

The yellow strip is hot lava, he says. Then, "you know what this little black thing is? That the hot lava is bending around?" No I don't, Gabriel, tell me. In his best WELL DUH voice, he enlightened me: "It's a hot-lava-bender, Mom!" Silly me.

I had a miraculous afternoon with the boys, considering how badly the day could have gone. I fought a headache all morning, and finally caged and took some Imitrex in the afternoon, resigned to knowing I'd feel worse for a few hours first. But it came through, and I was able to function the rest of the day.

Better yet, Katrina took a nice long afternoon nap, allowing me some nice time with the boys, who were strangely well-behaved despite Julian not taking a nap. But they insisted on being silly when I tried to take pictures.

We spent some time putting together the shelves I bought at IKEA ... how many weeks ago? I've gotten pretty good at finding "jobs" for them; they like "helping" me build stuff. Occasionally Gabriel really IS a help!

This is Julian after washing his face himself, having come inside looking like he was trying to camouflage himself with dirt.

Though the migraine drug helped, it's still not the same as not having a headache to begin with. So I forced myself to go to the Y tonight, and dragged myself through an unusually unsatisfying workout, especially given my persistent, and I think, growing, spare tire around the middle.

I'm actually starting to get worried about it. I've been pretty controlled about what I eat, exercise regularly, and on the occasions I dare to weigh myself, I'm at a decent weight. Yet this tummy-sticking-out thing just seems to get worse. I swear, I looked pregnant tonight, and what's more, when I sit down, it pushes against my lungs uncomfortably, like when I was pregnant. Sometimes, something feels like it's pulling on me inside, and at times, I can lie down and just watch things move around, tighten, and contract, like mini Braxton-Hicks contractions. This can't be right. I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist next week, I hope he can tell me something, though I might be seeing the wrong kind of doctor if this is related to the tubal ligation.

At least I forgot about the headache for a while tonight though. Mission accomplished.


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