Tuesday, June 12, 2007

6/12/07 Julian remembers

Driving back from picking up Katrina and Julian from Tonya's this afternoon, the boys and I were talking about "other Gabriels" and "other Katrinas."

Julian piped in, "There's another Julian!". "There is?" I asked absently. He said, "Yes, in Erin's backyard."

Indeed, thinking about it, at Erin's 4th birthday party, last October, before Katrina was even born, there was another Julian at the party. Apparently it made quite the impression on him. Maybe this sort of remembering is typical for 2-year-olds (he was still 2 then), certainly his cousin Aidan would remember things like that, but it's new to me. Amazing what sticks in their little minds!

Katrina woke up at 7am today, the second time in a few days. This is the beginning of "sleeping through the night" -- yay!

Productive meeting with an architect this afternoon. The verrry first baby step!


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