Saturday, June 16, 2007

6/16/07 Gabriel crashes

Ouch! Dave took the boys to Varian park today for bicycling. Dave didn't see it happen, but Gabriel crashed hard, scraping both elbows and one knee pretty well. He even cried.

But that wasn't the worst thing that happened. Apparently, there are some thorns on the ground there, off the pavement, where Gabriel went exploring at Dave's suggestion. Said thorns put multiple punctures in both of Gabriel's tires. Dave spent the rest of the day finding a bike shop that was open and had what he needed to replace the innertubes, plus add a protective layer in, then fixing the tires. What a dad.

Though I'm feeling serious time pressure to finish my "closet" project, I pretty much expected that filling my car's gas tank up would be my major accomplishment for the day. But, incredibly, I made serious headway on my project this afternoon.

This was largely because Julian was absolutely unbearable when Dave returned from the park with Gabriel's wounded bicycle, so as troublesome as he was, I insisted on getting him down for a nap. I'm sorry to say this required two smart smacks, at separate times, to get him to cooperate, as every step of the way, and I do mean EVERY step (all 13 of them leading to the upstairs) required a warning, repeat, countdown, etc. I'm sorry, Supernanny, but breaking him out of his obnoxious resistance is worth the psychological damage being smacked might do to him. Besides, what about my emotional health? It's far better for both of us to yank him out of brat mode, then get on with the much more pleasant business of reading a story! (And thank goodness he can be yanked out of it, as that was not the case with his stubborn brother.) We are going to seriously celebrate when Julian turns 4. Unfortunately, we have another six months of 3 to endure.

So, I got Julian down, and he slept soundly for 4 hours until Dave woke him up. Katrina then took a nap too, leaving me with this astounding time windfall to build Shelves and organize Stuff and throw away Junk.

Katrina continues to show the world just how wonderful babies can be. She eats well, naps well, goes down for naps and bedtime easy as pie, she's been sleeping through the night for a week now (WHEEE-HAWWWW!!), she makes the most adorable "ba-ba-ba ma-ma-ma" sounds, she sits and plays just wonderfully for a long time, she beams at people in stores, cocking her head in play, almost demanding that they join her little game. She's completely irresistable.

After a huge sushi dinner at Midori tonight, it was time to put kids to bed. Thanks to it being close to the longest daylight day of the year, I had enough time to go out and run. I really didn't want to, feeling tired and slow after a big dinner. Compulsively, I forced myself, fantasizing about oatmeal-raisin cookies on the way. After a slow, grumpy start, the endorphins kicked in, and I had a great run. I took a route that doesn't have a lot of steep uphills, and what a difference that makes! (Parking -> Farm -> Rogue Valley -> Ravensbury -> Chamise -> Rogue Valley -> Farm -> Coyote -> Parking). Mind clear, body strong -- what a nice change from my usual dragged-out-mom feeling. And back to that first thing tomorrow.


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