Wednesday, June 13, 2007

6/13/07 Katrina eats

After Katrina's pediatrician visit last week, I tried giving her yogurt again. No hives! Not for days! Not to mention, talking with the ped. made me realize we'd been giving her milk-based formula all along (when she goes to Tonya's). So I don't think she's dairy-allergic.

So, I'm opening the floodgates. Today, Katrina tried a whole bunch of new foods, mostly because I happened to have them leftover from other meals, and figured she should try them too.

One of the things I like about making baby food, rather than using jars, is just my own mindset. More and more, I can think of her as eating what we have, avoiding certain things of course, and putting it into a form she can eat. You'd think with the 3rd baby, I'd make less baby food, but it's proved to be exactly opposite. The one thing that's fallen by the wayside is the porridge from grain, but I guess that's because I know that's temporary anyway. All my food-making is geared toward her eating the same thing everyone else does.

Besides, she doesn't seem to like any of the jars I've tried for "emergencies." So when I'm in a time crunch and she doesn't like what I've made for her, I've had to dig deeper, because jars don't seem to be the answer. Even the one thing I thought jars do pretty well -- pears -- are watery and tasteless. The pear puree I make is SO GOOD I almost don't want to "waste" it on her!

So, today, she got some fork-mushed kiwi slices, and she LOVED them. Then I added some leftover quinoa and finely chopped broccoli to her lunch of pureed yams, as well as some turkey bits. She gobbled it all. For such a tiny little baby, she sure can pack it down.

There are downsides to making baby food, especially the purees. It's a LOT of extra cleanup and water usage. And, you might get a fast science lesson when you add a little cold water to a glass pan that's been roasting yams at 400 degrees (hint: POW!).

The other good news is that she slept all night again until 6:40am this morning!

Today Julian did great in swim class -- confident, cheerful, willing. It's so much like him, it takes about 4-5 times before he kicks into gear.

Katrina too had a great time, though as usual, she cried with teacher Joey. I tried high-diving her (holding her up over my head, then diving her head-first into the water), and she came up like nothing had happened.

Is it because she's a girl and dressed in girl-clothes? I get SO many comments about how cute she is -- more, I think, than I did for the boys. Yet I know baby boys, having had two of them, are just as cute as baby girls. Or is it because she is so petite? Or that she's not virtually bald like her brothers were at this age? Hard to say. She is very outgoing and smiley though, maybe that's why. Of course, what mom doesn't think her 8-month-old baby is the most beautiful sight there is?

Speaking of 8-month-old baby, two things there are no signs of at all: teeth, and crawling. But she's sleeping through the night half the time. I'll take it.


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